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Gib head keys are specially manufactured machine keys with a projecting end that resembles the end of a gib and serves as a stop mechanism on a rotating shaft. Gib keys are usually made from cold drawn steel which is cut to length and the taper and head are milled to specific tolerances and then tumbled to provide a finished edge. Gib keys or gib head keys are commonly used in engines and motors, gear reducers, transmissions and motor shafts to hold pulleys and gears tightly to the rotating shaft. These keys are found on commercial equipment using rotating shafts including farm equipment like harvesters and combines.

The gib head key is designed to be installed progressively, the tapered shaft allows for easy installation while the notched head is the contact point where a hammer is used to install the key without damaging the shaft of the key or that of the keyway.

Stanho manufactures a wide range of gib head key profiles in both Metric and Imperial sizes from non-standard profiles to standard profiles. Our keys are manufactured from steel, stainless steel, monel, as well as other materials to meet your specifications.

Gib Head Technical Data

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Gib Head Data

All dimensions are in inches.
**Non-standard sizes

Gib Head Examples

Gib Head Key   Gib Head Key
Gib Head Key   Gib Head Key

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