Solid Pins

Solid pins, very similar to taper pins, are cylindrical pins designed as either precision fastening elements or very high tolerance locators. Stanho solid pins are manufactured in a variety of materials, ends and lengths including dowel and ground, straight dowel, as well as knurled and grooved. We also offer hollow dowel pins and bushings.

Solid pins provide a very versatile fastening solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications across many different industries. For extremely tight tolerances, all the way down to .0002 inches, a Stanho ground pin can be used. Grooved and Knurled pins lock into place using displaced material to provide compressional forces when inserted and are used in applications such as the chair arms in a minivan. Hollow dowel pins are used more for locating and are used over solid pins in applications where weight and fuel economy are a concern like aerospace and automotive.

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