Standard Horse Nail manufactures a wide range of dowel pins and ground pins in both dimensions as well as types of pins. Hardened ground machine dowel pins have ground cylindrical sides with one end slightly pointed to enter the device and the other end is rounded or crowned to facilitate driving the pin.

Our dowel pins are available in standard and oversize dimensions to meet initial and replacement requirements. These dowel pins are intended for applications where precise locating of mating parts is critical for use as stops, guides and load bearing pins.

Specifications for Dowel Pins

To help locate the right dowel pin or ground pin for your application you will need the length and diameter and fit, or you may contact us to help you determine the correct pin to meet your requirements. We can make almost any size or length you require.

We also offer a variety of dowel pins that include straight, ground and hardened, knurled and grooved as well as hollow dowel pins and bushings. Our years of manufacturing expertise enable us to help our customers determine the right set of specifications and types of dowel pins to ensure a proper fits, long term durability, and keep your budget in line.

For more information about our dowel pins and ground pins, call us today at 724.846.4660 or click here to contact us.