Machine Keys

Stanho offers American made imperial, metric, gib head and other custom machine keys in a wide range of dimensions to meet any of your special tolerances and requirements. Our imperial machine keys are ANSI/ASME certified. Our metric machine keys are DINS/ISO certified.

Machine keys, much like woodruff keys, are used to connect a rotating machine element to a drive shaft to lock the two parts into place to enable the transmission of torque. Machine keys hold very tight tolerances, but do have a slightly different configuration from woodruff keys in that they are square and long. Machine keys with rounded ends make it easier to slide the key into the slot, therefore there is no special tooling needed.

Gib head keys, used in heavy equipment and heavy machinery, sheers and rolling mills, are also used for locating and holding things in place, but can also be used a bit differently than woodruff keys or other machine keys.

Our standard keys are furnished from C-1018 steel. "Barstock" keys are furnished from C-1018 steel at no additional cost, but must be so specified. Machine keys can be furnished in C-1045 alloy steels and other materials.

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