Non-Rok Woodruff Keys

Stanho Non-Rok keys (formerly Standard Automotive keys) are specially designed woodruff keys but utilize an angled shape instead of the arch shape used in standard woodruff keys. The profile's angles keep the key from rotating out of position, an important feature when indexing and when close tolerances are needed to be maintained.

Non-Rok keys are Standard's own design solution to keying problems. Size standards are identical between Woodruff and Non-Rok keys. Shear strength is equal since the shear line is dimensionally equal in comparative sizes. No design changes are necessary as there is no deviation from normal slotting.

Most commercial range of steel specifications, tolerances, tempers and finishes is available. With few exceptions, Non-Rok keys may be substituted in assemblies because they are more readily installed and overcome objectionable impinging due to key rotation within the keyway. This is why many Non-Rok Woodruff keys are used in automated assemblies including automotive and outdoor power equipment applications.


Non-Rok Keys Tech Header

Non-Rok Keys Table 1

A = Width
B= Height
C= Maximum Lip Height
D= Height
K= Length
L+ Overall Length

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