Standard Horse Nail's metric taper pins are turned from bar stock with a ¼" taper per foot and are made from steel but can also be made using stainless steel, alloy steel or brass. These cylindrical pins feature a tapered length and function as a locating or fastening device used in assemblies.

The metric taper offers more surface contact area than a straight pin of similar diameter, and acts like a wedge because taper pins self-lock. As they are seated a friction force develops along the whole length and diameter of the pin which locks the pin in place. Tapered pins offer a better solution over screws in that screws are prone to working loose unless locked, but it will cost a lot more money than a taper pin and reamed hole.

Taper pins are designated as either standard or as metric. Standard pins use the English or imperial measurement units (inches and fractions), Metric pins use dimensions in mm millimeters and is synonymous with DIN and ISO Standards. DIN is the German Institute for Standardization and ISO stands for "International Organization for Standardization".

Standard Horse Nail makes a large selection of metric taper pins in different styles and metric sizes to meet your application requirements. Our team is happy to assist you in selecting the correct metric taper pin for your needs.

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