Stanho manufactures a wide variety of stock industry standard threaded taper pins to meet your unique specifications. We offer several varieties of threaded pins including threaded small end taper pins and precision ground taper pins.

Threaded taper pins differ from standard or plain taper pins because the end of the pin has a thread machined into the pin to allow removal if necessary. Threads are produced to meet precision specifications to ensure the fit and tolerances are correct and do not deter from the application performance. Threaded taper pins can have external threads on the outside surface or internal threads located on the internal surface machined into one end.

Threaded taper pins are .002″ smaller on the large end diameter than standard pins to allow the thread to be inserted approximately 3/32″ deeper into the taper-reamed hole. The large end of the pin is recessed below the surface which allows the nut to bear on the surface when tightened to pull the pin out.

Threaded Taper Pins | Technical Specifications

Threaded Taper Pins

Threaded Taper Pins Chart

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